Garden Design

Garden Design

Garden design can come to life when you take a step back and look from another perspective or indeed look through a fresh set of eyes, we’re very happy to talk through any design options with you.

From the initial consultation, information gathering and planning, to practical and functional considerations, we aim to take your ideas and aspirations and transform them into reality.

Whether you’re looking for one-off projects to enhance your garden, such as installing structures as focal points; developing a wildlife area; creating a Mediterranean courtyard or if you’re planning a grand-scale re-design across several acres, we can provide the designs for you.

For larger or more intricate projects, it may be more appropriate to work alongside one of our design partners.We will liaise with you to optimise the design possibilities for your garden, taking into account your budget and the specific site conditions to ensure a successful, enduring combination of creativity with expert execution.

Garden design in Tunbridge Wells and Kent is something we pride ourselves on. We have worked in and around these areas for over 20 years now and have completed many fantastic projects, each and every one a new different challenge, producing amazing results for our customers you can view a selection of our featured Kent landscaping projects here.

Being able to bring garden design ideas to life is the heart and soul of everything we do here at WW Landscapes, you could say it’s one of our favourite parts of the job and we look forward to every new challenge with the enthusiasm and appreciation for our customer’s needs.

If you’re sitting there looking out your window at a garden space and dreaming of what it could look like then drop us a line right now for a friendly no-obligation chat.