Sevenoaks Landscaping

Sevenoaks Landscaping

Sevenoaks Landscaping always brings new challenges we love working for clients in this area including the Weald.

Our clients had recently moved into this newly built detached house and although the builders had made an attractive curved terrace around the back and side of the property, the garden didn’t really do justice to the scale and style of their home.

We created a striking water feature some 35 metres long that makes the most of the garden’s natural incline. Three circular pools were dug into the ground, linked by rills and descending steps.

We engineered a pump system which recirculates water to give the appearance and sound of a tumbling stream. A retaining wall was built along the edge of the garden to echo the curves of the terrace and a seating area created using soft-toned cobble setts around the middle pond.

Height and drama came from using a number of mature trees and architectural plants in the planting scheme. We also created a dense hedge by using large thuja bushes which provided instant seclusion and a sense of maturity to the garden.

This was a complex, but an enjoyable project which allowed us to show off our engineering skills!

As mentioned in the opening sentence we absolutely love working for clients in and around Sevenoaks and find that families in these areas have been amongst some of the most creative, pushing the boundaries especially when it comes to smaller spaces.

We were lucky here having a lot of space to play with but you would be amazed what can be achieved by being really creative.

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